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Kris's Bio

After 20 years of working with clients involved in high-risk operations around the globe, Kris founded The Callen Group in April 2017 in order to focus solely on developing and promoting high-performing operational cultures that lead to safe and efficient operations.

He founded Performance Coaching International, served as president from 2005 – 2009, was Senior Vice President at The REACH Group from 2009 – 2017, and is a highly respected Senior Leadership and Safety Facilitator. In addition, he was highly involved in the mergers of Global Marine and SantaFe, Hercules, and TODCO as well as Talisman’s North Sea Operations transfer from Total. Kris remains on the cutting edge of advances in the area of behavioral safety, predominately in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Kris’ career has taken him to 90 countries training over 35,000 people. He has been intimately involved with the development and implementation of Behavioral Safety Processes with Enterprise Offshore, Orion Drilling, Hercules Offshore, as well as the former GlobalSantaFe which is now Transocean. In 2019 Kris authored the book “Commit to Safe and Efficient Operations” published by PennWell. This book outlines a clear roadmap for bringing many cultures together and simplifying the safety tools that are used day in and out.

Kris holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Belhaven University, Jackson Mississippi, in Accounting and in Business Administration. He is passionate about creating a performance culture where safety and efficiency go hand in hand. He currently divides his time between Lafayette, Louisiana, Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas, and has four grown sons: Braxton, Taylor, Joshua, and Noah.

Raj's Bio

Devendra Rajcoomar, “Raj” has 20+ years of experience in global upstream offshore drilling operations. He has worked in the fields of Engineering, Operations, Rig Management, Asset Management, HSE, and Performance Coaching for global companies that include Halliburton (Baroid), Schlumberger (MI Swaco), Rowan / Valaris, and The Reach Group.

As a service provider, Raj worked for Transocean, Seadrill, Diamond, Vantage, Maersk, BP, Shell, BHP, Repsol, EOG, ONGC, Reliance, Murphy O&G, Newfield, and Talisman. He performed worked on Drill Ships, Jack Ups, Semi-Submersible, Tender, Land, and Sevan Rigs in Africa, Brazil, India, Malaysia, and Trinidad.

Raj holds a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Trinidad & Tobago and a Post Graduate Certificate in Oil and Gas Engineering from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. Combining his education, operations experience, technical knowledge, project management, and leadership skills enables Raj to consistently deliver superior results and ensure the delivery of optimal operating performance while maintaining safety as an unwavering value. His proven record of working with cross-functional support teams and unique mix of downhole drilling knowledge, rig operations, and safety & leadership skills makes him a strong asset to the team.

Raj is a passionate safety leader, performance-driven and results-oriented. He prides himself on the values of honesty, respect, continuous improvement, and value relationships. Raj is from Trinidad but has also lived in Canada and England with his wife Patricia.

Noah's Bio

Noah Callen is a digital marketing guru with a background of working on a deep sea drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. He worked as a roustabout and has some crazy stories from his past offshore life. 

Noah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His education and experience on the job, makes him effective at helping us reach our marketing goals in the high risk industry. 

Noah lives in Louisiana with his wife and young son.

Randy's Bio

Mr. Clevenger has extensive experience in Drilling Operations and has worked his way up from the rig floor to managing offshore operations.

Randy has held various leadership roles in Operations, QHSE, Marketing, and Business Development with Global Marine Drilling Company, GlobalSantaFe Drilling Company, Transocean, Hercules Offshore, Bluewhale Offshore, Singapore, and Gulf  Drilling International both in the US and internationally.

He is a member of industry organizations such as the International Association of Drilling Contractors and the Society of Petroleum Engineers and currently resides in Phuket, Thailand.

Shelly's Bio

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