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Human lives and millions of dollars are lost every year due to inefficient work and unsafe behaviors at high-risk job sites.

The Callen Group specializes in empowering organizations to create safe and efficient operations consistently. Focusing on safety, leadership, and team development the Callen Group helps transform teams through facilitating classes, coaching on the job-sight, and consulting with operational leadership.


The Callen Group consults with executives in high risk industries to help evaluate their safety culture, current systems, and procedures. When you are in the system it can be hard to honestly evaluate and see what’s going great and could use improvement, we help you see that.


The workers on the front lines are the foundation for your culture, while your policies may be great, are people actually using them and understand their value? We facilitate seminars to train whole organizations with team building, company procedure, and communication.


Coaching takes what they were taught in an offsite environment and helps your workforce implement on the job site. Coaches go to worksight, watch people work, form connections and help implement these top down policies in the trenches. 

Testimonials From Executives

“The Callen Group overdelivered, it never looked like a job for them, everyone truly put effort to make everyone on our team feel listened to. Looking forward to we do something similar in future.”

Drilling Contractor CEO

“The Callen Group is so far from traditional ‘safety guys.’ Most of their trainers have worked in these jobs and know that more paperwork doesn’t make anyone safer. Couldn’t be happier for the results we’ve seen.”

- Production Plant COO

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The Callen Group has been in the high risk industry for over 20 years and is an industry thought leader.

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