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The Callen Group offer expert guidance and actionable solutions to businesses that operate in high-risk environments which are experiencing Leadership and Safety challenges. Our experience has shown that most problems do not lie in the policy and processes but the human factors of the practical application of these systems. The Callen Group has many years of international experience with Energy companies and has a unique insight into best practices that can be customized to each client’s specific culture. Partnering with our clients’ using assessments and one-on-one conversations we create a picture of your current situation to build a customized plan of action.


While knowledge is an important part of Training, facilitation is connecting the knowledge with the practical application. Knowledge without application does not deliver the desired results to the organization. The Callen Group partners with clients to design and facilitate powerful workshops. Participants are highly engaged in interactive discussions that challenge their current beliefs and take part in experiential challenges that connect best practices with real-world applications. The results are a positive and fun experience (nobody goes to sleep) with management setting clear expectations for success that deliver sustainable results.


Workshops are excellent for setting clear expectations and building a strong foundation. While the team receives the same message, individual beliefs often differ. This does not become apparent until one-on-one coaching in day-to-day operations. The Callen Group’s coaches are well-versed in the client’s culture and have operational backgrounds that enable them to relate to the workforce. Their coaching skills allow them to build quick relationships, observe and provide unbiased feedback. Targeted coaching at the coalface accelerates the process and allows individuals to immediately apply the desired behaviors to deliver sustainable results!