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The Callen Group offer expert guidance and actionable solutions to businesses that operate in high-risk environments which are experiencing Leadership and Safety challenges. Our experience has shown that most problems do not lie in the policy and processes but the human factors of the practical application of these systems. The Callen Group has many years of international experience with Energy companies and has a unique insight into best practices that can be customized to each client’s specific culture. Partnering with our clients’ using assessments and one-on-one conversations we create a picture of your current situation to build a customized plan of action.

Consulting Services
  • Assessments
    • Leadership Development
    • Safety Culture
    • Safety Management System
  • Safety Management
  • System Consulting
  • Leadership Development Consulting
  • Executive Consulting
  • HSE Management Consulting
While knowledge is an important part of Training, facilitation is connecting the knowledge with the practical application. Knowledge without application does not deliver the desired results to the organization. The Callen Group partners with clients to design and facilitate powerful workshops. Participants are highly engaged in interactive discussions that challenge their current beliefs and take part in experiential challenges that connect best practices with real-world applications. The results are a positive and fun experience (nobody goes to sleep) with management setting clear expectations for success that deliver sustainable results.
Facilitation Services
  • Leadership Development Workshops 
  • Safety Culture Workshops 
  • Drilling the Well on Paper (DWOP) 
  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) 
  • Team Building Workshops 
  • Corporate Meetings 
  • Keynote Speaker 
Workshops are excellent for setting clear expectations and building a strong foundation. While the team receives the same message, individual beliefs often differ. This does not become apparent until one-on-one coaching in day-to-day operations. The Callen Group’s coaches are well-versed in the client’s culture and have operational backgrounds that enable them to relate to the workforce. Their coaching skills allow them to build quick relationships, observe and provide unbiased feedback. Targeted coaching at the coalface accelerates the process and allows individuals to immediately apply the desired behaviors to deliver sustainable results!
Coaching Services
  • Leadership Development Coaching 
  • Safety Culture Coaching 
  • Performance Coaching 
  • Executive Coaching 

Kris's Bio

After 20 years of working with clients involved in high-risk operations around the globe, Kris founded The Callen Group in April 2017 in order to focus solely on developing and promoting high-performing operational cultures that lead to safe and efficient operations.

He founded Performance Coaching International, served as president from 2005 – 2009, was Senior Vice President at The REACH Group from 2009 – 2017, and is a highly respected Senior Leadership and Safety Facilitator. In addition, he was highly involved in the mergers of Global Marine and SantaFe, Hercules, and TODCO as well as Talisman’s North Sea Operations transfer from Total. Kris remains on the cutting edge of advances in the area of behavioral safety, predominately in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Kris’ career has taken him to 90 countries training over 35,000 people. He has been intimately involved with the development and implementation of Behavioral Safety Processes with Enterprise Offshore, Orion Drilling, Hercules Offshore, as well as the former GlobalSantaFe which is now Transocean. In 2019 Kris authored the book “Commit to Safe and Efficient Operations” published by PennWell. This book outlines a clear roadmap for bringing many cultures together and simplifying the safety tools that are used day in and out.

Kris holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Belhaven University, Jackson Mississippi, in Accounting and in Business Administration. He is passionate about creating a performance culture where safety and efficiency go hand in hand. He currently divides his time between Lafayette, Louisiana, Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas, and has four grown sons: Braxton, Taylor, Joshua, and Noah.