By: Kris S. Callen


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“Commit to Safe and Efficient Operations” is a road-map (recipe) for transforming your organization, division or team’s safety culture. After reading this book, you should not only believe that transforming your culture is possible, but you will be armed with the practical knowledge to do so.

It’s time to trade Safety vs Performance attitudes for a Safety AND Performance mindset. Both are operational objectives. Safety and Efficiency must become one as we continue to deliver operations that are safe for our workforce and deliver outstanding operational performance that maximize a return to our shareholders.

A popular Operations Vice President was addressing his crews when he revealed this truth about the oil field culture. “Most of you in this room know me or have heard of me. When I was coming up through the organization, I got promoted because I took risks and got the job done. In fact, I did it so well they made me a Vice President. The only way I still have my job today is that I had to change. I would be fired today for the same behaviors that got me promoted five years ago.”

Features and Benefits

  • Philosophy
  • Management Commitment
  • Core Management Systems
  • Implementing Change


  • Company Management
  • Engineering
  • Superintendent
  • Field Professional
  • Foreman

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